The Way, Our Way is my own small tribute to my late son Philip who sadly passed away on the 12th March 2012. Through him, I learnt a lot about life, about myself and more importantly about us, as a family.

Philip was always full of life and a wonderful, loving son and a good, caring friend to those who knew him. In his latter years and despite his illness, Philip was keen and determined to overcome all obstacles that life had placed in his Way and was even setting himself incredibly high standards in many other ways. It was his mental fortitude, desire and determination that will forever live and shine in our memories of him.

It is with this in mind and with his ever presence that I have embarked on this brief journey, not to search for answers, if indeed there are any, but to seek out those questions that “El Camino” will surely ask of me and perhaps, even then, encounter answers to the questions I never knew existed.

For Philip ♥


38 Responses to Welcome

  1. abigail says:

    beautiful words 🙂 xxx

  2. pizzaman21 says:

    Good luck Ed

  3. Andrew Bonfante says:

    good luck Eddie, no need for maps just follow your heart, enjoy your journey.

  4. Joyce Diaz says:

    I am certain that Philip will be cheering for you each step of ‘The Way’.
    He who dares, wins!

  5. Maite says:

    I don’t know where you find your strength but I know where Philip found his. Keep strong and take care. I’m rooting for you every step of the WAY. Love you xxxxx

  6. Jane Marzan says:

    Hey primo! Hope this journey will help heal your pain if just a little bit, and I am sure sure Joyce and Mikey will be with you in your heart urging you along the way. Philip would be really proud of you and when you are at your darkest, just think of his strength and love for you as I am sure he will be with you every step of the way! All my love. Xxxx

  7. pordios says:

    Eddie, I hope that you have a safe journey. I will be following you along The Way on your blog. Your family is an inspiration to us all, thanks for sharing! Philip must be as proud of you as you are of him. xx

  8. Cathy says:

    Eddie, I hope that you have a safe journey. I will be following you along The Way on your blog. Your family is an inspiration to us all, thanks for sharing! Philip must be as proud of you as you are of him. xxx

  9. Malu Medhurst says:

    Hey little bro. Hope you are following those yellow arrows. We will be with you as you walk along your way, together with your guardian angels. Stay strong! xxxx

  10. Francis says:

    Francis (El del St Jagos)
    Glad you had the courage to set out on this journey on your own.
    Wish I could have gone with you, maybe next time.
    No te preocupes del camino que entre conchas y cruces que te guíen llegaras a Santiago antes de lo que piensas.
    Cuídate los pies que son los que te llevan
    Animo y buen camino

    • ediazblog says:

      Francis, no te quiero poner los dientes largos, pero esto es una maravilla pero muy duro. I’ve told J that you would have loved this ; perhaps on another occasion. Regarding the feet, today I have a few more blisters, pero weno, peores cosas hay en la vida!

    • Liz (vecina de Francia) says:

      … glad you’re still on track despite the adverse weather conditions, animo, ya te queda menos!

  11. John Paul R says:

    Eddie…hope you have a fulfilling and inspirational trek. Enjoy it and buen camino…

  12. Jonathan Ablitt says:

    Good luck – you’re proving to have the same strength and courage that Phil will always be remembered for. “Like father, like son” comes to mind – he would be very proud. All the best on your journey!

  13. Paul Y says:

    Having been through a similar situation, this is something you have to do and you don’t really know why. It makes you stronger and more in tune with the spiritual side of life which we normally forget until life hits you hard and then you really have to change just to survive.
    The journey will help you find some, but not all the answers, but above all as you say, it will help you find yourself.
    I have no doubt your son is walking beside you and very proud of his dad.

  14. ediazblog says:

    Gracias Paul, que te voy o puedo decir a ti….thanks for your comment I really apreciate it…un abrazo.

  15. Anne says:

    Hi Eddie, I am just amazed,but not surprised at your strength and courage. With you with love and prayer every step of the Way.! XXX

  16. Carla says:

    Your inspirational words have triggered inspirational thoughts. Philip always at the forefront: with you, with Joyce and with Michael.

  17. Jane Marzan says:

    Hiya trekker! How’s it going? Thinking about you and hope your spirits are up and keeping you going! All my love and prayers! X

  18. Mark Randall says:

    Eddie, Congrats on completion from Sarria. Hope you enjoyed the walk, Sorry I did not meet up in SdeC. Bike was packed ready to go . . . not kidding, then saw cheap flights to Sardinia and Sicilly still going up volcanoes and every peak I see. Hey we all search for something irrespective of circumstance. You are still the same great guy I knew at school. NEVER CHANGE.

  19. paddy Grech says:

    Me entere pero tarde. Your strength is truly inspirational – lots of love from all of us. Paddy

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