Day 1

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
….. T.S Elliot

Finally the moment of truth….After so much planning there is nothing more frustrating to find that the forces of nature are conspiring to break one’s spirit. Yes the wind and rain…

But of course this was never meant to be a pleasure seeking holiday! So I suppose I have myself to blame to pick the month of October to go to the rainy region of Spain and expect the sun to shine and the weather to mild- to- warm.
Anyhow, I have to say that the flight to Santiago C was without hitch and thankfully pleasantly smooth.  The arrival was quite a contrast from the warm weather down in Malaga to the dreary wet and windy weather up here. The drive from the airport to town was also quite a short drive with my trusted friend Ramon, who has offered to take me to Sarria the following day at a discounted price!!
But before rushing to the hotel , the first and obligatory step was to collect my “credentials” from la oficina del peregrino ( I think that’s what’s it called). That was a simple enough task but for the fact that the assistant there thought I had just finished el Camino!! I must have looked a real bad for him to think that because those that had finished looked a rightful mess…. What awaits me!!
I had been to Santiago DC before but only fleetingly and tonight‘s visit  to el “Casco viejo” was quite an experience as i entered the winding narrow alleyways full of tourists and peregrines alike. I suppose there must have been locals too but everyone looks like a weary worn out hiker to me …lolol
The dinner was ok. Chose not have a Burgerking and instead chose something more typical of the place:
Cesta de croquetas
Mixed salad
Racion de pan
And to top up an uninspiring supper, a glass of Galician red wine (Mestino)
Well that was it…..oh yes I was greeted twice with the popular phrase “Buen camino”… felt good!! So with that ends my first day here. An early start awaits me, so como se dice por aqui….
Buen Camino.



4 Responses to Day 1

  1. Good luck Eddie enjoy mate.

  2. ediazblog says:

    Thanks…veremos a ver… 🙂

  3. Joyce Diaz says:

    As you always tell me, “Once you get to the bridge…..”

  4. Jack Evans says:

    Good luck Eddie

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